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The Mustang “story” begins in 1967 when founder Ted Melsheimer began work with DuPont to develop a tool that could control the flow of gas through a pipe made of a revolutionary new material called polyethylene.

Many different designs were tested before the double bar configuration finally proved to provide the best squeeze off with the least effort. This new double bar design was patented and production began to produce tools for use by DuPont and later many other users.

Almost 40 years later, Mustang still leads the industry as the only company that designs and manufactures only squeeze tools. By not being distracted by other products, Mustang is able to focus all it’s resources on squeezing pipe in the most efficient and safest manner possible

Currently, Mustang offers squeeze tools to accommodate pipe sizes from ½” CTS all the way through to 24” IPS SDR 11. Mustang is also proud to offer the Huskie tool line for use on steel pipe up to 2” diameter Schedule 40.

Mustang designs each of it’s tools to an uncompromising factor of 3 to 1 utilizing lighter weight aluminum where appropriate but high strength steel for the critical stressed components. This philosophy results in a tool that is in some cases heavier than the competition, but un-equaled in strength. Mustang has not, and will never compromise safety for the allure of a lighter, sleeker tool.

The complete Mustang line-up is presented on this site along with information that may prove helpful in making the correct choice of squeeze tool. If you have further questions or concerns, Mustang’s technical staff stands ready to offer any assistance to help make your job of squeezing polyethylene pipe easier and safer.

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