Should we ground our tools? Are jumper cables OK?2023-03-14T21:22:57+00:00

YES & NO – We recommend that all squeeze tools (and other tools as well) be grounded. Jumper cables typically attach with an alligator type clamp which does not provide a good grounding contact. The attachment is also easily knocked off during use. Jumpers are better than nothing, but a proper fixed grounding attachment is preferred.

What type of oil should I use in the hydraulic tool?2023-03-22T15:14:02+00:00

The tools are factory filled with AW32 (anti-wear). Any brand hydraulic oil meeting this spec can be used (this is a very common spec). DO NOT use synthetic fluid, brake fluid or automatic transmission fluid (ATF) as this will damage the seals in both the pump and the cylinder.

We have a hydraulic tool that will pump down but won’t come back up.2023-03-14T21:21:36+00:00

It is important to make sure that the quick disconnects are completely engaged on the tool. The threaded collars need to be completely screwed down so that there is no gap. If not fully engaged the return oil or the oil necessary to raise the ram cannot reach the cylinder and the tool will remain down.

We can not get a 100% shut off. What’s wrong with the tool?2023-03-14T21:21:09+00:00

Squeezing pipe has never been able to offer a 100% leak free shut off. 100% means, to us, that there will never be a bubble of gas escape ever. That is not possible. A 95%-98% shut off should be attainable in most cases. Some pipe produced in the last several years has proven to be more difficult to squeeze than some of the older material. If after squeezing all the way to the gap stops, the flow is still not controlled, it may be necessary to install a second tool on the line.

How far away from a fusion joint or fitting can I squeeze?2023-03-14T21:20:49+00:00

A minimum of three pipe diameters (i.e. 12” on 4” pipe) is the accepted rule.

Can a hex nut or adapter be welded to the screw of a mechanical tool so that we may use an impact wrench or other power tool?2023-03-14T21:20:32+00:00

NO – We do not recommend that anything be welded to the screw. The material that the screw is made of is a high strength alloy that is not considered weldable. You may be able to get something to stick to the screw but there will be little if any strength and it could break off suddenly and cause injury. The handle that is provided with each mechanical tool is of the correct length to provide the most torque while staying within the tool’s design limits. Using an extension or “cheater bar” can over stress the tool and cause permanent damage.

Can a Mustang tool handle ALL pipe sizes within its range?2023-03-21T15:20:40+00:00

NO – Due to the large number of pipe sizes and SDRs for a given size, it is not possible to accommodate ALL pipe sizes on one or two stops. Many sizes/SDRs that are close can be combined (i.e. 3” SDR 11 and SDR 11.5) but sizes such as 3” SDR 13.5 or SDR 17 must stand alone. Therefore, the DBS-20C for example can accommodate two sizes up to 2” IPS but not ALL sizes up to 2” IPS. Please see the gap stop chart for the particular model you are interested in to select the correct stop combination.


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