Using a maximum compressive
value of 30% on the .432 value
results in a gap stop of .302”. This should
be the minimum gap stop used on a squeeze tool to protect 2” IPS SDR-11 PE Pipe.

A Word on Gap Stops

Pressure control of Polyethylene Plastic Pipe using the squeeze-off principle has been practiced for many years. A very important part of the squeeze-off concept is to protect the pipe using gap stops to prevent over squeezing. Gap stop sizes are determined by doubling the pipe wall thickness and subtracting a compressive value up to 30% of the doubled wall thickness amount.

All Mustang Squeeze Tools are equipped with gap stops. When ordering tools, specify the pipe size and SDR (Standard Dimensional Ratio) of the PF pipe used. Gap Stops on Mustang Squeeze Tools have a tolerance of ±.005”. The unique patented double-bar jaw produces a shut off with less compressive force than other jaw shapes, which often enables a complete shut off with considerable “daylight” between the upper jaw and gap stops on the lower jaw. Complete shut off is usually achieved after the PE pipe has relaxed for several minutes. If necessary, an additional application of compressive force will result in complete shut off.

It is very important to visually center the pipe under the upper jaw. Failure to do so may result in an unsuccessful squeeze-off and possible damage to the squeeze tool.