Heavy-Duty Squeeze Tool
8″ IPS Hydraulic H Series

The DBH-68-E Hydraulic Heavy-Duty Squeeze Tool utilizes two large-bore hydraulic cylinders which provide a massive 82,000lbs of force adjacent to the folds of the flattened pipe. The Model 25 2-Stage Pump provides the correct volume and pressure for safe, reliable compressive force in a controlled manner. Both cylinders are hydraulically locked with a Mustang pilot operated locking valve incorporated in the manifold block. A pair of SC-80 Saddle Clamps mechanically lock the upper and lower jaws and assist in completing the squeeze-off procedure.

Includes Model 25, 2-Stage Hydraulic Pump & Hose and a pair of SC-80 Saddle Clamps. An optional squeeze release control valve is also available that permits slow, controlled release of the upper jaw. Optional static electric grounding is accomplished by use of the SEG-30 kit.

This tool has the capacity of (3″ IPS – 8″ IPS).  Please choose (2) sizes from the gap stop chart below.

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53.0" H


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