Emergency 2″ IPS
Steel Pipe Squeeze Tool

Control hazardous gas leaks quickly with our compact, hand-operated, emergency squeeze tool. Lightweight and self-contained, the PS-62B will shut down up to 2” IPS Schedule 40 coated pipe, whether or not the pipe jacket is removed. Closure is achieved with short pump strokes that deliver 18-tons of controlled force. To release, simply turn the release knob. The PS-62B features a redesigned rounded jaw which lessen the chances of severing brittle pipe or pipe of unknown chemistry.

For increased safety, any over-pumping activates a unique Pressure Relief Bypass System without reducing pressure on the pipe itself. The latched lower jaw and 90° swivel head are able to navigate the tightest areas while the steel-wire centering whiskers and non-conductive fiberglass insulated handles ensure a swifter, safer squeeze-off every time. A provision is provided for attaching a static grounding kit if desired.

Note:  The PS-62B is designed to squeeze up to 2” Sch 40 steel pipe.  The chemistry of steel pipe varies, and experience has shown that some 2” pipe may have properties that make it more difficult to achieve a successful squeeze off.  If extensive usage on 2” pipe is anticipated, the Model PS-75 is recommended.

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28.6" x 6.9"


18 Tons


4.68" x 2.63"