Mid-Duty Squeeze Tool
6″ IPS Hydraulic ML Series

The Model DBM-60 Mid-Duty Squeeze Tool is similar to the DBM-60 manual tool with the exception that it is hydraulically operated.

A reduced-stroke version of Mustang’s proven hydraulic cylinder provides 41,000lbs of force directly over the pipe. The cylinder incorporates a built in locking valve to assure that pressure is maintained on the pipe in the event of a hydraulic failure.

Saddle clamps are provided to mechanically lock the upper and lower jaws and to assist in accomplishing a good squeeze off.

Includes a two-speed hand pump with 20 ft. hose assembly and a pair of SC-60 Saddle Clamps. Optional static electric grounding is accomplished by use of the SEG-30 kit.

This tool has the capacity of (3″ IPS – 8″ IPS).  Please choose (2) sizes from the gap stop chart below.


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42.0" H


Specify (2) Sizes (see table)