Heavy-Duty Squeeze Tool
8″ IPS Double-Bar

The DBGA-80 Double-Bar Squeeze Tool is the largest manual tool in Mustang’s lineup and is an economical means of squeezing-off large diameter PE pipe. The dual-bar lower jaw has two sets of gap stops for the two pipe sizes of your choice.

The same rugged design as used in all Mustang tools is utilized to provide maximum strength, lighter weight, and superior performance.

The DBGA-80 features a reinforced tubular frame and special alloy steel lower jaw to withstand the greater torque sometimes required to squeeze larger pipe sizes.  Additional features include a powerful Acme power screw and a greaseable upper jaw thrust bearing.

Includes a pair of SC-80 Saddle Clamps. Optional static electric grounding is accomplished by use of the SEG-30 kit.

This tool has the capacity of (3″ IPS – 8″ IPS).  Please choose (2) sizes from the gap stop chart below.

Additional information


30.0" H


Specify (2) Sizes (see table)