Mid-Range Squeeze Tool
2″ IPS Quad-Bar

THE DBS-24C is similar to the DBS-20C, but uses a quad-bar design that accommodates pipe sizes from 1/2” CTS to 2” IPS maximum. Features include a larger, heavy-duty frame designed to withstand the greater force needed to squeeze today’s PE pipe, while retaining the quad-bar jaw design for greater contact area. The lower jaw has four sets of gap stops to accommodate four pipe sizes of your choice.

A high-strength power screw and thrust bearing with grease fittings for lubrication, as well as a provision for using a SEG-30 Grounding Rod for static electric grounding, completes the package.

This tool has the capacity of (1/2″ CTS – 2″IPS).  Please choose (4) sizes from the gap stop chart below.

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14.75" H


Specify (4) Sizes (see table)