Mid-Range Squeeze Tool
4″ IPS Quad-Bar

The DBS-44F is similar to the DBS-40F but uses a quad-bar design that accommodates a wide range of large PE pipe sizes from 1” IPS to 4” IPS. The quad-bar lower jaw has four sets of gap stops for the four pipe sizes of your choice.

Features include a larger, heavy-duty frame designed to withstand the greater force needed to squeeze today’s PE pipe, while retaining the quad-bar jaw design for greater contact area.

A high-strength Acme power screw and replaceable nut is powered with an alloy steel handle. The unique Mustang designed greaseable thrust bearing provides friction free force to the upper jaw.

Optional static electric grounding is accomplished by use of the SEG-30 kit.

This tool has the capacity of (1″ IPS – 4″ IPS).  Please choose (4) sizes from the gap stop chart below.

Additional information


20.0" H


Specify (4) Sizes (see table)