Service Size Squeeze Tool

1″ CTS Flat-Bar

The DBS-11A employs a Flat Bar design to better squeeze PE pipe with a less than smooth interior surface finish.

The flat-bar design applies more contact area on the pipe and produces a larger sealing surface. Higher hand torque is required and limits the tool range to 3/4” IPS maximum. Gap stops are welded to the upper jaw and grease fittings are provided for power screw and thrust bearing lubrication.

Optional static electric grounding is accomplished using a SEG-30 Grounding Rod attached to the upper jaw.

This tool has the capacity of (1/2″ CTS – 3/4″ IPS). Please choose (1) size from the gap stop chart below.

Note:  A gap stop can protect more than one pipe size if a similar wall thickness exists.  (Example: 1/2″ CTS SDR-7 and 1″ CTS SDR-11.5 can be squeezed using a common .155 size gap stop. Custom gap stops are available upon request.)

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8.00" H


Specify (1) Size (see table)