Ground Level Squeeze Tool

The GLS-26 is an upgrade to our field proven GLS-20 Emergency Tool by providing direct dial squeeze control.

The color coded gap stops, along with an emergency setting, enables you to safely squeeze off PE pipe sizes ranging from ½” CTS through 2” IPS. Simply dial in the prescribed gap stop by rotating the stainless steel, color coded disc. A dual set of spring-action “whiskers” guide you in centering the jaws squarely on the pipe.

Light and durable, the trim GLS-26 is designed with the same unparalleled 3:1 strength factor bred into the entire Mustang family. For further safety, the SEG-30 grounding kit is included with a 5’ cable and 12” solid copper spike.

This tool has the capacity to handle all of the sizes listed below on the gap stop chart.


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59” x 6.5”