Service Size Squeeze Tool
1″ IPS

The smallest tool in Mustang’s lineup, the DBS-10A employs an open frame design, which permits easy application on service PE pipe. Gap stops are welded to the upper jaw and grease fittings are provided for power screw and thrust bearing lubrication.
Optional Static electric grounding is accomplished using a SEG-30 Grounding Rod attached to the upper jaw.

This tool has the capacity of (1/2″ CTS – 1″ IPS).  Please choose (1) size from the gap stop chart below.

Note:  A gap stop can protect more than one pipe size if a similar wall thickness exists. (Example: 1/2″ CTS SDR-7 and 1″ CTS SDR-11.5 can be squeezed using a common .155 size gap stop.  Custom gap stops are available upon request.)

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8.75" H


Specify (1) Size (see table)